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How to style creeper shoes

Creepers are basically shoes with a distinctive, thick, ribbed sole. Seemingly, their name stems from the material that was used for the manufacture of sole – crepe rubber. As a matter of fact, the fashion on these shoes is not new, as they became popular after World War II, when soldiers started wearing this originally military footwear at nightclubs in London. However, what really brought them worldwide fame in the fashion world was the British subculture ‘Teddy Boy’. These days, creepers were redesigned and became available in different styles to please every taste. Even celebrities can`t resist them!

How to style creeper shoes

Photo via: pinterest.com

Being a true flashy dresser, Rihanna chose a pair of golden creeper shoes to polish off her trendy all-white outfit.

Dakota Fanning decided not to reinvent the wheel and teamed her black creepers with denim shorts and a classic black blazer.

Jessie J opted for bright velvet creepers, which added a splash of red to her neutral outfit.

Being at the leading edge of fashion, our brand boasts numerous trendy shoe styles and this feminine version of creepers is among them. Definite must-have.