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In over 60 years of dressing for the public eye, the Queen has perfected her royal style and managed to keep her signature look more than just recognisable. She is famous for pearl necklaces, elegant gloves, bright coat dresses and elaborate hats. Despite looking especially good for her age, she is perhaps not the best fashion role model for young ladies. However, some ideas and elements of her outfits could be borrowed by those wanting to elevate their style. If you want to feel part of the royal family or a representative of the British aristocracy, you might like to copy this trendy version of Her Majesty`s look. Wear a peach coat over a neutral grey sweater dress and add a small black purse and a pair of black gloves. As for accessories, a golden chain necklace, golden stud earrings, a golden rose brooch and a peachy beige hat with feathers will be the ideal complement to the outfit. Finish off the ensemble with our black heeled loafers with chain d├ęcor and instantly get the regal look.

Queen Elizabeth

Photo via: polyvore.com