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The best slingback shoes to wear this summer

Slingbacks are a type of basically women`s footwear distinguished by a strap that crosses behind the heel. What sets a slingback shoe apart from an ankle strap shoe is that it doesn`t completely encircles the ankle. These shoes are usually adjustable through an elastic segment or a buckle, which lets the wearer slip the foot into the shoe effortlessly. What makes them so great and on-trend in this season is that they evoke the late 90s/early 2000s nostalgia that is the major driver behind most fashion tendencies at the moment. Quite a few designers continue to return to the theme of bygone decades, using these motifs in their new collections. At present, the most popular ones are 70s, 90s and 00s.

Steal her style

Celebrities also give preference to slingbacks and no wonder since these shoes are not only all the rage now, but they are also easy to wear and can be integrated into various outfits.

Ashley Olsen
Photo via: pinterest.com
Ashley Olsen chose cinnamon brown heeled slingbacks and combined them with a classic white shirt and a cream skirt.

Sarah Jessica Parker introduced turquoise slingback shoes into a mostly grey look and supported them with an azure top. Sarah Jessica Parker
Photo via: pinterest.com

Bella Hadid
Photo via: pinterest.com

Bella Hadid shows off her 90s-inspired outfit in which black leather pat slingback heels play a key role.

Kick your style up a notch in our fashionable striped slingback shoes with a yellow elastic strap.