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The Fashion Time Machine: 70s

The era of 70s is considered to be one of the most influential time periods, which still has a great impact on the fashion world. This decade often serves as a source of inspiration for numerous designers, so it can`t come as a complete surprise when they regularly revive some classic fashion musthaves. Let`s get an insight into several key fashion elements from those times.


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The slogan ‘Flower power’ wasn`t just a symbol of non-violence ideology. It also resonated through the whole decade, since floral patterns could be found not only in clothes, but also in décor of interiors and even means of transport, a vivid example of which was a characteristic hippie van.


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Flared jeans

Flared trousers were designed in the 19th century, but it wasn`t until 1970s that denim flares started dominating other types of trousers, so now they are widely associated with 70s and Disco style in general. They were comfortable to wear and easy to combine with other garments which were typical for that period.


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Such a kind of fringed suede jackets probably originates from the traditional clothes of Indians. Apparently, fringe was popularized by hippies as a symbol of tolerance towards other nations and this trend instantly took off.


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Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots are definitely an integral part of the fashion of 70s, because they vividly indicate that women started to feel more emancipated and free to choose what to wear. They were becoming more and more confident with their appearance, and it was a major reason behind the popularity of mini skirts paired with thigh-high boots.

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