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It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that velvet shoes continue to capture hearts of thousands of fashionistas. And there is a good reason: who on earth can resist the temptation of looking gorgeous and luxe? From ancient times, velvet was widely considered to be the fabric of kings and associated with nobility due to its unusual softness and the high cost of production. Times change, but the image of velvet doesn`t. Although this trend has manifested itself in many forms this season, one thing that all trendsetters understand clearly is that the beauty of velvet unfolds in a special way when it is worn on feet. Photo via: pinterest.jp
Photo via: pinterest.jp
Photo via: usmagazine.com
Perhaps the most distinctive thing about velvet shoes is that they can turn even the most simple-looking outfit into the posh one.
However, you should not be afraid of styling them with some not very obvious clothes, such as bomber jackets or neon vinyl skirts. velvetshoes_02.jpg
Photo via: vogue.es
Photo via: de.style.yahoo.com
Talking about colors, it would be a good idea to opt for typically autumnal and rich ones, such as burgundy, emerald, mustard, plum or deep navy blue.

Come rain or shine, this chic footwear will make you stand out and give you the feel of being part of the street style elite.